Can You Drink Mozzarella Water? (You Need to Know This!)

Drinking mozzarella water is safe but not recommended for taste reasons. Mozzarella water can be plain, briny, or whey-based. Brine is too salty, and whey may contain milk solids. Whey is nutritious but best used in cooking rather than consumed on its own. Always consider lactose content if sensitive.

What is Mozzarella Water, and Can You Drink It?

Surprisingly, mozzarella water can be exactly as it says – just plain water!

The purpose of it is to keep the cheese moist, and water does a perfectly acceptable job. 

You already know that mozzarella doesn’t have any flavor to it, so if it is kept in water, then the liquid won’t taste of anything.

However, it’s a different story if the mozzarella has been preserved in brine.

Brine is a salt solution, and the concentration can be relatively low, giving a mild salty taste.

The more salt that is added, the stronger the flavor.

Although some salt is necessary for our diet, drinking brine is not recommended.

The better quality mozzarella, which has a high moisture content, is traditionally stored in whey.

Whey is simply a natural occurrence in the cheesemaking process and won’t cause any harm if you drink it.

It’s quite nutritious and contains probiotics.

Mozzarella whey is known as acidic whey, as opposed to sweet whey.

However, once the mozzarella has been refrigerated, the whey can form milk solids.

Seeing these unappetizing white bits floating in the mozzarella liquid is not going to persuade you to give it a try!

Do remember, it will contain lactose, so be careful if you have an allergy to this.

Occasionally, you may find mozzarella packaged in oil, typically in glass jars.

The oil makes a nice dressing for a mozzarella salad or can be drizzled over a pizza.

But I wouldn’t recommend that you drink it!

What Can Mozzarella Water Be Used For?

So, having established that you don’t want to drink mozzarella water, although you can if you want, what else can it be used for?

Continuing with the drinking theme, it is said to be a hangover cure, but there is no scientific proof it works.

I’ll stick with the headache, thanks!

There are several culinary uses for mozzarella water, especially if it is the whey option.

One of the most popular is to add it to the mix when making homemade bread.

It is said to add a nutty flavor and also help the bread rise.

You can also add it to pizza dough, which seems appropriate!

Mozzarella plus more mozzarella flavor, not going to argue with that!

Other options include using it in soups and stocks, obviously reducing the amount of corresponding liquid you would usually add.

How about using mozzarella water when cooking rice?

The only thing to be wary of is if it is brine, and then, of course, you wouldn’t need any extra salt.

The mozzarella water will add a hint of creaminess.

Interestingly, feta liquid can be used for the same purpose.

Mozzarella water can also be used when cooking pasta.

It can be the basis of a starter culture for fermented vegetables.

All these years, you have been throwing it away when it could be used in numerous dishes!

How Mozzarella is Made

My Final Thoughts

  • Drinking mozzarella water is safe but may not be enjoyable. The taste varies depending on whether the cheese is stored in plain water, brine, or whey, with brine being overly salty and not recommended for consumption.
  • Whey, which is nutritious and contains probiotics, is a preferred storage medium for high-quality mozzarella. It can be used in cooking, but those with lactose intolerance should be cautious.
  • Mozzarella water has been touted as a hangover cure, though there’s no scientific evidence to back this claim.
  • There are several culinary uses for mozzarella water, especially whey. It can be added to homemade bread or pizza dough for a nutty flavor and to aid in rising, and it can also be used in soups, stocks, cooking rice, or pasta, enhancing creaminess without needing extra salt.
  • Rather than discarding mozzarella water, it can be repurposed in various dishes, contributing to a no-waste cooking approach.

Yes, you can drink mozzarella water, but it may not taste very pleasant.

The brine will be overly salty and is not recommended for health reasons.

Whey is nutritious but is more palatable to consume when added to dishes such as rice or pasta.

Take care if you are serving meals containing whey to those who are lactose-intolerant

Don’t just throw it away; save your mozzarella water for future use!

Having mentioned the brine, take a look at my article on why mozzarella tastes of salt.

How do you view the potential of reusing mozzarella water in your cooking or dietary practices?

Let us know in the comments below!


Can you drink mozzarella water?

Yes, drinking mozzarella water is safe but not recommended due to taste preferences. Mozzarella water can be plain, briny, or whey-based. While brine is too salty for consumption, whey contains nutritious values but is suggested to be better utilized in cooking.

What is mozzarella water?

Mozzarella water is the liquid used to keep mozzarella cheese moist. It can be just plain water, brine (a salt solution), or whey (a by-product of cheese making). The type of liquid used affects the taste and usability of the mozzarella water.

Is brine-based mozzarella water safe to drink?

While it is safe, drinking brine-based mozzarella water is not recommended due to its high salt content. Consuming too much salt can be harmful to health, thus it’s better to use brine in moderation in cooking rather than drinking it.

What are the nutritional benefits of whey-based mozzarella water?

Whey-based mozzarella water is nutritious, containing probiotics and essential nutrients. It is known as acidic whey and can be a good addition to diets if used properly in cooking.

Can lactose-intolerant individuals consume mozzarella water?

Individuals with lactose sensitivity should be cautious, especially with whey-based mozzarella water, as it contains lactose. It’s important to consider one’s dietary restrictions before consuming.

What can mozzarella water be used for if not drinking?

Mozzarella water, especially if it is whey, can be used in various culinary applications such as making bread, pizza dough, soups, stocks, cooking rice, and pasta, and as a starter culture for fermenting vegetables. Its use adds a unique flavor and can enhance the nutritional profile of dishes.

Can mozzarella water be a hangover cure?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that mozzarella water can cure hangovers. It’s suggested to explore other remedies or preventatives for hangover relief.

How is mozzarella made?

Mozzarella is made through a process that involves curdling milk, separating the curds from the whey, and then processing the curds into the soft, white cheese known as mozzarella. Depending on the type of mozzarella, it may be stored in plain water, brine, or whey to maintain its moisture.

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