Do You Remove the Rind From Gouda? (Solved!)

Edam, Gouda whole round wheels for sale on an open air retail stall in Netherlands

So, you want to know, do you remove the rind from Gouda? I’m sure you’ve eaten the rind of various kinds of cheese before. However, one look at Gouda cheese, and you are filled with confusion. Should I remove it? Can I eat it? Am I able to cook with …

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Why Does Smoked Gouda Taste Like Bacon? (Explained!)

French toast with homemade ham, crispy bacon and salad, gouda cheese

Have you noticed it yourself, why does smoked Gouda taste like bacon? To be honest, I was actually extremely surprised by just how often this question comes up. In fact, I scoured various forums and online Q&A sites, and I came across the smoked gouda-bacon conundrum time and time again. …

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