How Are Mozzarella Pearls Made? (Solved!)

  • Mozzarella pearls are small cheese balls, made similarly to larger mozzarella balls, using pasteurized cow’s or buffalo milk
  • These pearls are either hand-rolled or shaped using molds to achieve a uniform size, generally weighing less than 10 grams
  • They are versatile in culinary applications, including salads, canapés, pizzas, antipasti, and pasta dishes, thanks to their consistent size and high-fat content that allows for even melting
  • Mozzarella pearls offer benefits in portion control and presentation for restaurant use, maintaining consistency in each dish served
  • Their uniform size and weight facilitate accurate cost measurement and ensure consistent presentation in food service

Mozzarella Pearls: How Are They Made?

I love these cute little mozzarella pearls and have found so many uses for them.

But it was only recently that I started wondering how they are made, so that’s why I looked into the subject! 

The actual cheesemaking process is the same as when making the larger mozzarella balls.

Using either cow’s milk or buffalo milk, curds are formed using rennet, acid, and live cultures.

This results in curds, which are drained and then immersed in hot water.

The mozzarella is stretched and formed into a large ball and then further divided into pearls.

The best mozzarella is created by hand.

Now, you may have noticed that when you buy your mozzarella pearls, they are all the same size, so is there an industry standard?

Not specifically, but you will find that they never weigh more than 10 grams or have a diameter of more than 27 mm.

The fact that the size and weight are consistent in each packet or container makes them a favorite in the restaurant industry.

The cost of each portion can be measured accurately, and each dish will look the same, which is important in terms of presentation. 

What Can You Do with Mozzarella Pearls?

If you are wondering what to do with these tasty little morsels, there are lots of uses for mozzarella pearls.

One of my favorites is to use them in a quick, simple Caprese salad.

No slicing is required, and you can find some brands that marinate the mozzarella in basil for that essential Italian flavor! 

Mozzarella, as you know, is an essential ingredient for pizza, and there is no problem using pearls for this purpose.

As they are made in the same way as full-sized mozzarella balls, they have the same high-fat content that makes them melt just as easily.

You can add mozzarella pearls to any pasta dish or include them on an antipasti board.

They would be great for making small canapes, and if you buy the plain version, you can marinate the mozzarella pearls in ingredients of your choosing to add a unique twist.

A few of my favorite dishes include Caprese Pastry Bites, Pesto Chicken Kebabs, and Chicken Parmesan Meatballs.

Maybe I will share my recipes in another article!

Marinated Mozzarella Pearls

My Final Thoughts

Mozzarella pearls are made in the same way as the full-sized balls. 

They are typically a uniform size, weighing no more than 10 grams, with a maximum diameter of 27 mm.

Restaurants often use them as it is easy to control portion size and work out accurate costings.

Mozzarella pearls have many uses, including salads, pasta dishes, and canapes.

They are ideal for pizzas as they have the same high-fat content as full-sized mozzarella and melt easily.

Earlier on, I mentioned that one of the benefits of using these cheese pearls is that you don’t have to cut them.

If you are using full-size cheese, you might need to read my article on the correct way to slice mozzarella.

How does the process of making mozzarella pearls, with their unique shape and texture, inspire you to think creatively about their use in culinary dishes?

Let us know in the comments below!

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