Why is Brie Illegal in America? (Revealed!)

Brie camembert cheese with pear and honey

Would you be surprised to learn that brie, despite its popularity, is actually illegal in the United States? This delicious, creamy, soft cheese originates in France and is enjoyed worldwide, so why not in America? The legality of brie in the US is the subject of much debate, and there …

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Why Does Brie Smell Like Cabbage? (Explained!)

Fresh green garden cabbage on rustic stone background

Brie is undoubtedly a popular cheese and one of my particular favorites. But occasionally, you may have noticed something peculiar about it – the smell of cabbage! Clearly, that’s not normal for cheese, so what is happening here? What causes brie to smell like cabbage or, sometimes, broccoli or cauliflower? …

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Why Does Brie Cheese Turn Brown? (Answered!)

Gorgonzola, camembert, brie cheese

I’m going to imagine you have just gone to the fridge to get yourself a tasty cheese snack, only to discover that the brie has turned brown! It certainly no longer looks appetizing, but is it safe to eat? Brie is a very popular cheese, so I am sure that …

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Is Brie Supposed to Be Fuzzy? (Answered!)

Close up of camembert cheese or brie cheese on wooden cutting board

If this is your favorite cheese, then you know exactly what I mean when I ask, is brie supposed to be fuzzy? I’m sure I’m not the only person who has been tempted to run my hand across the top of a piece of brie, as it looks so inviting! …

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Can You Eat the Rind on Brie? (Explained!)

camembert cheese or brie cheese on wooden cutting board

It’s a question that confuses many people, can you eat the rind on brie? It seems to be a different answer depending on which cheese you particularly enjoy. So, what about Brie? Is the rind safe to eat? How does the cheese get its rind? Does the rind mean that …

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