How Do You Remove the Salt from Halloumi? (Explained!)

Mix of different salt types on grey concrete background

You may have noticed that your favorite cheese has a strong briny taste and wondered how you remove the salt from halloumi. Can you just wash the halloumi, or will the salt not just be on the exterior? Will the salty taste go away once the halloumi is cooked? What …

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Can You Reheat Halloumi in the Microwave? (Revealed!)

Young excited woman look at something in microwave

If you have any leftover grilled cheese, you may have wondered, can you reheat halloumi in the microwave? I know it’s unlikely that every last scrap of the delicious halloumi won’t have been eaten immediately when it’s at its gooey best! But if that does occasionally occur, what would happen …

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Can Muslims Enjoy Halloumi? The Ultimate Guide to Halal Cheese

Ramadan menu, arabian pancake katayef and dates

This is a surprisingly common question; is halloumi halal, according to Islamic law? This may be of concern, not just for yourself if you follow this religion, but also if you are catering to others and need to consider their specific needs. What does halal actually mean? Surely no animals …

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Can You Cook Halloumi on a Sandwich Press? (Revealed!)

Feta cheese sizzling on a hot griddle panini press

Now, this is an interesting idea, can you cook halloumi on a sandwich press? Halloumi is, of course, also called grilling cheese. But surely that doesn’t mean you can’t cook it in other ways? Maybe it would stick to the sandwich press and be difficult to remove? Do you need …

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Can Cooked Halloumi Be Eaten Cold? (Answered!)

Grilled halloumi cheese salad with tomatoes and asparagus in strips of bacon on plate on dark background

If you have any leftover delicious grilled cheese, you may be wondering, can cooked halloumi be eaten cold? I have to admit it’s very unlikely this will happen; who can resist freshly grilled or barbecued halloumi? But if you do have some left, what will happen to it when it …

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Why Does Halloumi Split in the Middle? (Explained!)

Cooking halloumi on a BBQ at home

You must have noticed this strange occurrence and wondered, why does halloumi split in the middle? Is it manufactured especially for it to do that? Does it happen during the packaging of the cheese or as it’s being made? Perhaps it starts to split the longer it is kept. And, …

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Is Halloumi Supposed to Be Squeaky? (Solved!)

Salad with asparagus, grilled halloumi cheese, salmon fillet, tomatoes, arugula and green olives

It’s one of my favorite cheeses, but I have often wondered, is halloumi supposed to be squeaky? Of course, if you have never tried this particular delicacy before, you may not know what I am talking about but were intrigued by the question! Of course, it’s not really the halloumi …

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