Why Are Doritos Triangles? (The Crunchy Debate!)

Nachos loaded with salsa, cheese and jalapeno

I wonder if this question has ever crossed your mind when enjoying your favorite snack. Why exactly are Doritos triangle-shaped? Who decided this, and why? It’s undoubtedly part of their brand and identity.  I bet that there are lots of urban myths around this question! Is it cheaper to manufacture …

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Are Doritos Chilli Heatwave Halal? (Explained!)

Tortilla chips with the flavor of chili peppers

Many people require that their food is halal, and when it comes to snacks, it’s not easy to find out if that’s the case.  It’s extremely important for Muslims to know that their food is permissible in Islamic law. So, we need a clear and concise answer on whether the …

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Are Cheez-Its Real Cheese? (A Look at the Facts!)

Selection of cheeses on counter in shop

If, like me, you have grown up eating Cheez-Its and always enjoyed their delicious flavor, why would you even doubt if they were made from real cheese? Although I suspect many people have wondered about this but never investigated it further. They are undoubtedly a very popular snack, but what …

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Are Cheez-Its in the UK? (You Need to Know!)

Cheez-its crackers

If this is one of your favorite crunchy snacks, you may be wondering if it’s possible to buy Cheez-Its in the UK. Maybe you are an ex-pat American who is missing this delicious cheesy treat! Or perhaps you recently visited the states and came across them for the first time. …

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