Why Are Doritos Triangles? (The Crunchy Debate!)

Doritos Uncovered: The Fascinating Story Behind the Triangle

Doritos are triangular to enhance the eating experience, utilizing the shape for uniform seasoning coverage and satisfying crunch. This design, originating from the ease of cutting round tortillas, also aids in scooping dips. Despite various shape experiments, the iconic triangle remains a signature of the brand, valued for its unique taste and texture benefits.

The Origin of Doritos: How Did It All Begin?

I guess we had better start at the beginning and discover how this humble snack became the world’s favorite!

The story starts in 1964, and surprisingly, Doritos were invented in Disneyland, California. 

One of the executives of Frito-Lay (a major manufacturing company) named Arch West was on vacation and found a local restaurant selling fried tortilla chips, giving them a tasty crunch.

He was so taken with the idea that he asked his company to try and replicate the snack, and Doritos were born!  

Initially, there was only one flavor: Toasted Corn, but they soon became a household name across the states.

Frito-Lay is now a subsidiary of PepsiCo, and Doritos are available worldwide in a variety of flavors.

I find it incredible that such a simple idea could become a worldwide phenomenon.

Don’t dismiss the power of a seemingly simple idea!

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Why Triangles? The Reasoning Behind Doritos’ Unique Shape

Now, let’s explore if there is any logic or science behind the triangular shape.

The most obvious answer to the triangular shape is that is how they were originally cut in the restaurant that invented them.

It makes sense as a tortilla is round, and this ensured that all the chips were the same size and thus all cooked at the same time.

At that time, it was seen as unique and innovative, and it is now a recognized aspect of its brand.

Of course, a triangle is a perfect shape to scoop up delicious dips and sauces, a requirement at parties!

Now, when we look at the science, apparently, with the triangles having three corners, this provides a greater surface area. 

This means that more of the flavoring sticks to them, giving them a more intense taste. 

It’s also said that a triangular shape gives a better crunch, but I can’t find any evidence of why that would be!

The Evolution of Doritos: From Triangles to Various Shapes

I was also curious to know whether Doritos had been made in any other shape other than triangles.

Interestingly, they have experimented with other shapes over the years but have always returned to the triangle we know and love!

In 1994, the corners were rounded, making them less sharp and less prone to breakage.

However, to the disappointment of many consumers, Doritos were also made 15% thinner, and I have a further article to read on that particular subject.

In 2004, a new shape was introduced called Rollitos.

These essentially represented a rolled-up tortilla, resulting in a tube shape.

This idea didn’t last long, but it was then reintroduced in 2013 and rebranded as Dinamitas, which is only available in two flavors.

Other short-lived experiments included manufacturing Doritos in circles, rectangles, and even hexagons. 

A wooden board with various cheeses

The Future of Doritos: Will Triangles Always Reign Supreme?

And finally, we look at the future of Doritos and if they have any plans to change their iconic shape.

Of course, we can’t predict the future, and the snack industry is constantly evolving as people’s tastes change.

Realistically, I would be surprised if they walked away from their iconic triangular shape.

It’s key to their branding and instantly recognizable.  

Even though they have introduced a new product, the 3D Crunch, it is still based on a triangular shape.

However, their willingness to embrace change has kept Doritos at the forefront of the snack industry for over 50 years. 

So, let’s keep an open mind and look forward to new flavors, new shapes, and new snacks!

Doritos STAX – The Triangle Man

Key Takeaways

  • The triangle shape of Doritos was chosen for its ease of cutting from the original circular tortilla and unique eating experience
  • The three corners of the triangles create a larger surface area for the seasoning to stick to, resulting in a more intensely flavored snack
  • The triangular shape also provides a satisfying crunch that is hard to achieve with other shapes
  • While Doritos has experimented with various shapes over the years, the triangle undoubtedly remains the most popular and is instantly recognizable
  • From Flamin’ Hot to Nacho Cheese, there is a Doritos flavor for all tastes, and their willingness to experiment and innovate has kept them relevant for over 50 years

Understanding the story behind Doritos’ iconic shape sheds light on the ingenuity and innovation that has made them a beloved snack for over five decades.

How does the triangular shape of Doritos enhance your snacking experience?

Let us know in the comments below!

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