Taco Bell Heats Up the Holiday Season with Cheesy Innovation!

A bowl of cheesy nachos

The fast-food landscape is set to get cheesier this holiday season, thanks to Taco Bell’s latest culinary creation and a novel approach to customer engagement. Taco Bell has recently announced a new addition to its menu – the Grilled Cheese Nacho Fries – accompanied by an exciting subscription service. This …

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Wisconsin Dominates World Cheese Awards 2023

Award winning cheeses

Wisconsin Cheese Artisans Shine at World Cheese Awards Wisconsin has long been renowned for its cheese, and this year’s World Cheese Awards held in Norway further cemented its reputation. With a commanding presence, Wisconsin cheese artisans captured a remarkable 25% of all awards given out, showcasing their mastery in cheesemaking …

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The Perfect Melt for Mozzarella Cheese

Melted mozzarella

It’s really annoying when you are looking forward to your pizza and end up wondering, why is my mozzarella cheese not melting? Surely, that’s the point of mozzarella, it should melt into that gooey stringiness we all love! Are you using the wrong type of mozzarella? Maybe the oven isn’t …

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Curdling Agents: The Heart of Cheese-Making!

Traditional cheese making equipment

In this post, I want to explore the traditional curdling agents that transform milk into a delectable array of cheeses, from fresh mozzarella to aged parmesan.  Lemon juice, rennet, and vinegar have been used for centuries to curdle milk into the curds and whey that form the foundation of cheese.  …

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