Why Does Cheese Make Me Sweat? (The Science!)

Woman fainting feeling bad wiping sweat off forehead

Oh, please, don’t tell me I am the only person that this happens to. I presume you have noticed the same thing; otherwise, you wouldn’t have searched for this article! It is pretty weird, you have to admit! So, what is the science behind the strange phenomenon of cheese making …

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Why is Cheddar Cheese Orange in America? (Solved!)

Pasta with vegan creamy chia cheddar sauce

So, you want to know, why is Cheddar cheese orange in America? Then again, outside of America, you may have noticed that cheddar cheese is occasionally orange, and yet sometimes it’s yellow. But, regardless of where you get cheddar from in America, you’ll find that it is always orange. So, …

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Why Are Doritos Triangles? (The Crunchy Debate!)

Nachos loaded with salsa, cheese and jalapeno

I wonder if this question has ever crossed your mind when enjoying your favorite snack. Why exactly are Doritos triangle-shaped? Who decided this, and why? It’s undoubtedly part of their brand and identity.  I bet that there are lots of urban myths around this question! Is it cheaper to manufacture …

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