Does Parmesan Go with Feta? (Revealed!)

Grilled eggplant with feta cheese, parmesan

Parmesan and feta are two of my favorite cheeses, but I have never really thought of pitting them together in the same dish. So, I thought I would do some research and find out if they really do go well together! How different are the tastes and textures of parmesan …

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Does Feta Cheese Have Rennet? (Answered!)

Production handmade craftsmanship of mozzarella made with Bufala milk in the Campania region in Italy

If you have recently adopted a vegetarian lifestyle, you may be wondering, does feta cheese have rennet? Why is rennet a problem anyway, where does it come from? What does rennet actually do in the cheesemaking process? Is it possible to find vegetarian feta cheese? Let’s delve into the truth …

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Does Feta Cheese Cause Acne? (Revealed!)

Woman looking at mirror and hand squeezing her acne cyst

Perhaps you have heard some rumors, and you are wondering does feta cheese cause acne. It does seem an odd question, why single out feta cheese specifically? What is in feta that could contribute to acne? Surely feta cheese has vitamins that are actually good for the skin? Or is …

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Should Feta Cheese Be Capitalized? (Answered!)

Heap of homemade yellow letters made from gingerbread biscuit background

If you’re a keen observer of grammar rules, you may have often wondered, should feta cheese be capitalized? Maybe I have given the answer away by not capitalizing it myself! But is that correct? Why are some cheese names capitalized and others are not? Is feta named after a place? …

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Can Vegans Eat Feta Cheese? (Revealed!)

Vegan cheese on white napkin with brazilian nut, mint and lemon

If you have adopted this way of living, then you may be wondering, can vegans eat feta cheese?  The answer seems pretty obvious, as it is usually made from sheep’s milk, which, of course, is derived from animals. Does feta contain any other animal products? Is it possible to find …

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Can Celiacs Eat Feta Cheese? (Answered!)

Wheat ears, bread, pastries

If you are unable to tolerate gluten, you may be wondering, can celiacs eat feta cheese? Does feta cheese actually contain any gluten? What about the liquid that it is preserved in? Is there any way that feta can be cross-contaminated by gluten? These are serious questions that deserve an …

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Why Does Feta Cheese Spark in the Microwave? (Explained!)

Woman heating food with microwave machine at home

Have you ever noticed this and wondered why does feta cheese spark in the microwave? Mind you, why would you put feta in the microwave in the first place? Is it just feta and not other cheeses, and if so, why?   Is the sparking anything to do with the liquid …

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