Does Parmesan Go with Chili? (Find Out!)

Red chili peppers and chili sauce

Well, this sounds like an unusual combination, but many people add parmesan cheese to their chili. So, I need to find out if they really do go well together, and if so, why.  As you know, parmesan is a hard Italian cheese with a salty, nutty flavor and is typically …

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Does Parmesan Go with Feta? (Revealed!)

Grilled eggplant with feta cheese, parmesan

Parmesan and feta are two of my favorite cheeses, but I have never really thought of pitting them together in the same dish. So, I thought I would do some research and find out if they really do go well together! How different are the tastes and textures of parmesan …

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Does Parmesan Cheese Come in Slices? (Answered!)

Turkey sandwich with ham, tomato, parmesan

I am sure you are all familiar with grated or shredded parmesan; that’s how we usually see it. Or in a block, if you want to shave the parmesan yourself, directly over soups and pasta dishes. But is it available in slices, especially given that it’s quite a hard, aged …

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Why Does Parmesan Taste Like Pineapple? (Solved!)

Leaves of fresh mint placed on wooden board near slices of sweet pineapple and halves of tasty coconut on lumber tabletop near tablet and napkin

If you have come across this weird sensation before, you may have wondered why does parmesan taste like pineapple? Parmesan certainly has a very unique smell, which some consider unpleasant. But it’s entirely unexpected to find that it takes like a certain spiky fruit!   Is it because of the aging …

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