Cheese Swap Showdown: Testing Whether Provolone Works in Chicken Parmesan

  • Provolone is a suitable substitute for mozzarella in Chicken Parmesan due to its similar melting qualities, despite being more expensive
  • Mixing provolone and mozzarella can add a new twist to the recipe without overpowering the dish’s flavors
  • Provolone’s mild but slightly sharper flavor, due to aging, can enhance the dish without dominating other ingredients
  • Experimentation, like mixing provolone with breadcrumbs or using it in place of Parmesan, can offer delightful variations on the traditional Chicken Parmesan
  • Other cheeses like burrata, scamorza, Oaxaca, and young Gouda can also serve as mozzarella substitutes, each bringing unique textures and flavors to dishes

For Chicken Parmesan, Can I Substitute Provolone for Mozzarella?

If you love Chicken Parmesan, also known as Chicken Parmigiana, then you are probably familiar with the recipe.

Mozzarella is usually the preferred cheese and sits on top of the crispy chicken and tomato-based marinara sauce, ready to melt into delicious goodness! 

But what if you haven’t got any mozzarella cheese, or maybe just fancy a change?

Is provolone cheese a good substitute for mozzarella?

Provolone works well for Chicken Parmesan.

But the only drawback is that it is a lot more expensive than mozzarella.

There is nothing to stop you from having a mix of mozzarella and provolone to cut costs.

If you use them in equal quantities, they will melt together to add a new twist to the traditional recipe. 

Some provolone has a stronger taste, depending on how long it has been aged, so be careful to use a milder version so as not to overpower other flavors. 

But then again, you may enjoy the sharp taste of aged provolone, so feel free to experiment.

Another interesting idea is to swap out the parmesan for shredded provolone.

Of course, strictly speaking, it will no longer be Chicken Parmesan, but still be equally delicious! 

What Are the Best Mozzarella Substitutes?

Provolone is a great substitute for mozzarella as they have similar melting qualities.

But what other cheeses would be suitable for Chicken Parmesan or pizza and pasta dishes?

They would need to be soft and mild and melt easily if for a cooked recipe.

Burrata is a great choice being quite sweet and creamy.

It can be torn into smaller pieces to add to a salad or popped on top of a pizza.

Scamaorza is a less well-known cheese but is also made from cow’s milk and melts quickly.

It has a slightly stronger taste, so you don’t need to use as much as you would mozzarella.

It works surprisingly well in Chicken Parmesan but is rarely mentioned as an option in recipes.

Somewhat more difficult to find is Oaxaca, which is a Mexican cheese and typically only available in specialist stores.

It goes stringy and gooey when melted but also develops a crispy crust, adding a different texture to your dishes. 

It might not be suitable for Chicken Parmesan, though, as you would have crisp breadcrumbs and crispy cheese, too! 

The final option as a substitute for mozzarella is Gouda.

You need to be careful with this one, though, and only use young Gouda.

As Gouda ages, it develops quite a pungent smell and taste and could overpower a dish!

Chicken Parmesan

My Final Thoughts

Provolone cheese is a great substitute for mozzarella in Chicken Parmesan.

It melts easily and has a mild taste that won’t overpower the dish.

But if you prefer a stronger flavor, use well-aged provolone.

To cut down on the expensive coat of provolone, use an equal quantity of mozzarella.

You can try other cheeses, too, such as Oaxaca, burrata, or Gouda.

So, don’t worry, if you have no mozzarella, you can still enjoy your favorite Chicken Parmesan! 

However, there is one problem with the cheese, so read my article on what makes provolone so costly to produce.

How does experimenting with different cheeses, like provolone in place of mozzarella for Chicken Parmesan, inspire you to explore new flavors in traditional dishes?

Let us know in the comments below!

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