Can I Use Cream Cheese Spread Instead of Cream Cheese for Frosting? (Explained!)

If you are a fan of baking, I bet you have often wondered, can I use cream cheese spread instead of cream cheese for frosting?

Does it matter that the cream cheese spread is quite soft?

Will it change the texture of the frosting?

What about the taste of cream cheese spread, is it too strong for frosting?

Let’s see if there are any problems with cream cheese spread!

It is possible to use a cream cheese spread for frosting, but the consistency will initially be too runny. And once the necessary powdered sugar is added, it will draw all the liquid out of the cream cheese. The solution is to mix the sugar with the butter first and only then add it to the cream cheese spread. This will correct the texture of the mix, and it will be easier to pipe onto the dessert. It will also have the right consistency for piping between the layers of a sponge cake. The cream cheese spread will not unduly affect the taste of the frosting. 

Would Cream Cheese Spread Work for Frosting?

There have probably been times when you have thought of using cream cheese spread for frosting and wondered if it will work.

Maybe you realized at the last minute that you had no block of cream cheese, only the spreadable version.

Surely, they are pretty similar in taste and texture?

The first thing that you will notice is that the cream cheese spread is a bit softer and fluffier.

Of course, that makes sense because you need to be able to spread it easily!

But that factor will probably make it difficult to pipe, especially if you want to do some fancy swirls.

And unfortunately, when you add the necessary powdered sugar to the cream cheese spread, it will become runnier and difficult to work with.

That’s because the sugar draws the liquid out of the cheese spread.

Thankfully, there is a solution.

Start by adding the powdered sugar to the butter and combining it thoroughly.

Now, when you add this mixture to the cream cheese, this time, the sugar will not liquefy the spread.

It may be better to do this by hand rather than use an electric mixer, as the machine could overwork it and make it runnier.

It will now be perfect for spooning into your piping bag, ready to decorate your cupcakes!

And, of course, you can pipe it between layers of sponge for a delicious cake.

Can Cream Cheese Spread Affect the Taste of Sweet Dishes?

You may be concerned that using cream cheese spread for frosting, or desserts in general, will change the taste.

Maybe it will be just too cheesy!

However, rest assured that it will be fine.

After all, when you think about it, you wouldn’t use the block of cream cheese directly on its own.

You would typically add confectioner’s sugar or powdered sugar to create the sweetness you need for desserts.

It’s exactly the same method if you use a cream cheese spread.

The sugar counteracts any taste of cheese.

This means that it won’t be a problem to use cheese cream spread for cheesecake, either. 

Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Final Thoughts

Cream cheese spread works fine for frosting, but the method is slightly different.

The powdered sugar should not be added directly to the spread as it will draw out any liquid in it.

Add the sugar to the butter before mixing it with the cream cheese.

By using sugar in the recipe, the spread will not taste like cheese.

So, no need to panic; you can still use cream cheese spread to make delicious desserts!

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