Can I Eat Dairylea Triangles When Pregnant? (Solved!)

  • Dairylea triangles are safe to eat during pregnancy due to their pasteurization process which kills harmful bacteria like listeria
  • They are a good source of calcium, essential for fetal growth, with one triangle providing approximately 138mg of calcium
  • Other Dairylea products, such as cheese spread and dunkers, are also considered safe for pregnant women
  • The manufacturer confirms the safety of these products for pregnant consumption
  • Pregnant women seeking calcium from their diet can safely include Dairylea products

Is It Okay to Eat Dairylea Triangles While Pregnant?

I am sure you have heard many worrying stories about eating cheese when expecting a baby.

So, you need to know if it is okay to eat Dairylea triangles while pregnant.

If it is your favorite snack, then you will be pleased to learn that Dairylea is perfectly safe to eat.

The manufacturer of Dairylea has confirmed this on their website.

They reassuringly state that Dairylea goes through a specific process of blending and heating cheese.

This effectively pasteurizes the product, with the heating element killing any harmful germs or bacteria.

One particular cause for concern for pregnant women is Listeria, which can often be found in soft cheese. 

This bacteria can cause harm to your unborn child, but it is destroyed by heating the cheese.

So, there is no opportunity for Listeria to develop in Dairylea triangles.  

This doesn’t just apply to the tasty triangles; all other products in the Dairylea range, such as the pots of spread or dunkers, are also safe when pregnant.

Are Dairylea Triangles Good for Pregnant Women?

As Dairylea triangles are considered safe for pregnant women, could there be any benefits to eating them?

One of their advantages is that Dairylea is a great source of calcium.

Each triangle contains approximately 138mg of calcium, as verified on the manufacturer’s website.

You may not realize that your body cannot make its calcium.

So, the only way to obtain it is through the food you eat or by taking a supplement.

This is of concern to pregnant women because the baby requires calcium for the growth of teeth and bones.

And the only way that your baby can get this is by effectively “stealing” your calcium intake.

In effect, this means that you will need to consume more calcium when pregnant, as the baby will also require this vital mineral.

One of the best sources of calcium is dairy products, including cheese.

And, as Dairylea triangles are a safe option for pregnant women, they can help provide the necessary calcium.   

What About Eating Dairy Products During Pregnancy?

My Final Thoughts

Dairylea triangles are not harmful to pregnant women, they are safe to eat.

The manufacturing process includes heating the cheese, which is known as pasteurization.

This will effectively destroy any dangerous bacteria such as Listeria.

Dairylea has confirmed that this is the case on their website. 

So, feel free to enjoy your favorite cheese snack!

If you have any concerns, please consult your healthcare provider.

If you are thinking of other cheeses, too, I have written an article on whether pregnant women can have Babybel cheese.

How does knowing Dairylea triangles are safe during pregnancy impact your choices for dietary calcium sources?

Let us know in the comments below!

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