Can Hamsters Eat Babybel Cheese? (Answered!)

Fluffy hamsters

If you are concerned about your furry friend’s health, you may be wondering, can hamsters eat Babybel cheese? After all, a hamster is a rodent, and we all know that mice love cheese! Does it contain any ingredients that are harmful to hamsters? How much Babybel cheese should you give …

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Why Does Babybel Cheese Come in Wax? (Explained!)

Babybel cheese in red wax on black background

So, you want to know why does Babybel cheese come in wax? It seems weird that out of all the cheeses there are, Babybel is completely surrounded by a wax coating. Is there a specific reason for this? Is there something different about Babybel when compared to other cheeses? In …

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