Why is Cheddar Cheese Orange in America? (Solved!)

Pasta with vegan creamy chia cheddar sauce

So, you want to know, why is Cheddar cheese orange in America? Then again, outside of America, you may have noticed that cheddar cheese is occasionally orange, and yet sometimes it’s yellow. But, regardless of where you get cheddar from in America, you’ll find that it is always orange. So, …

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Why Does My Parmesan Cheese Clump? (Solved!)

Appetizing pasta with meat in tomato sauce, vegetables and Parmesan cheese

I’m sure you know the feeling all too well, why does my Parmesan cheese clump? You’re aiming to create a wonderful pasta sauce, and Parmesan is the way to do this. However, there’s nothing worse than adding Parmesan to your pasta and then watching it clump. Let’s face facts, if …

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