No More Cheddar? Unwrapping Subway’s Cheese Controversy

Cheddar-gate: Subway’s Decision to Ditch a Classic Cheese

Subway discontinued cheddar cheese to streamline its menu and supply chain, focusing on operational efficiency and minimizing waste. Cheddar’s lower sales led to its removal as a cost-cutting measure. While corporate decisions have phased out cheddar, some franchises may still offer it, reflecting menu variations across locations.

Do Any Subway Franchises Still Offer Cheddar Cheese?

So, after much research, I still feel as though I haven’t completely solved the Subway cheddar cheese mystery.

I found a Reddit sub-forum specifically aimed at Subway customers and employees.

However, this did little to solve my confusion.

With that being said, I have found that many Subway employees have quoted the fact that Subway Corporate decided to discontinue cheddar cheese.

They reasoned that cheddar cheese produced the least sales, so to cut costs, it was pulled from the menu.

But the story doesn’t end there.

You have to remember that there are approximately 44,000 Subway restaurants in the world (at the time of writing).

Plus, these are mainly franchises.

Therefore, what is offered on the menu can vary from store to store.

I came across other Reddit conversations where some employees confirmed that their store still had cheddar cheese.

So, it appears that even though a Corporate decision was made, there may, in fact, still be some Subway stores that stock cheddar cheese.

However, I was unable to confirm where these actual stores were.

All I know is that of the many Subway stores in my local area, none stock sliced cheddar cheese.

🧀 Cheddar Cheese Chronicles 🧀

OriginCheddar cheese originated in the English village of Cheddar in the 12th century.
Aging ProcessCheddar is known for its aging process, ranging from mild to extra sharp flavors.
PopularityIt’s one of the most popular cheeses worldwide, especially in fast-food chains.
Subway’s DecisionUnlike many fast-food chains, Subway discontinued Cheddar to streamline its menu.
Global ImpactCheddar remains a top choice in fast food globally, despite Subway’s decision.
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Is There Cheddar Cheese in the Shredded Cheese Mix?

That’s correct, you read that right; there is cheddar in Subway shredded cheese.


Okay, it’s not the same as sliced cheddar, but it shows that Subway does, in fact, still stock cheddar cheese.

With that being said, there are several varieties of shredded cheese, so once again, it will very much depend on the store that you visit.

However, in my local area, shredded cheese is a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella.

It’s also interesting to note that Subway had a limited edition brisket-style sandwich, which came with smoked cheddar.

At first, I must admit that this did fill me with excitement, well, that was until I tasted it.

Nope, I’m afraid not, definitely not for me.

I’m extremely pleased that smoked cheddar was only a “limited” edition.

What is Subway’s “Processed” Cheddar?

Subway offers a wide variety of sliced cheese.

However, unfortunately, none of these are my personal favorites.

Cheddar, Red Leicester, and Double Gloucester if you want to know.

With that being said, the main sliced cheese is processed cheddar.

To be honest, the word “processed” immediately fills me with fear.

I’m not sure why, but it conjures up all sorts of horrible thoughts in my mind.

And once you find out what this default “processed” cheese is, it probably won’t do much to improve your mood.

As far as I’m aware, processed cheese is simply described as 60% cheese and 40% other ingredients.

And unfortunately, that’s as much as you will ever know.

One thing’s for sure, it doesn’t taste like the much-loved cheddar cheese.

Sliced Cheddar

A Cheesy Dilemma: Exploring Subway’s Cheese Choices

In the wake of Subway discontinuing Cheddar cheese, many cheese aficionados are left pondering, “Does Subway have Swiss cheese, American cheese, or even Subway mozzarella cheese as alternatives?”

Indeed, Subway’s decision to streamline its cheese offerings has brought these options into the spotlight.

Swiss cheese, known for its mild, nutty flavor and characteristic holes, emerges as a popular choice for those seeking a refined taste.

It pairs exceptionally well with Subway’s classic cold cuts and fresh vegetables, offering a balanced flavor profile that complements rather than overwhelms the sandwich.

On the other hand, American cheese from Subway remains a staple for those who prefer a smooth, creamy texture with a mild taste.

Its ability to melt perfectly makes it a go-to choice for toasted sandwiches and melts, enhancing the overall culinary experience with its rich and velvety consistency.

Moreover, Subway mozzarella cheese stands out as a lighter option.

Its delicate and slightly tangy flavor is a perfect match for Subway’s Italian-inspired sandwiches and pizzas.

The mozzarella’s stretchy, melt-in-your-mouth quality adds a gourmet touch to every bite, elevating the simple pleasure of a Subway sandwich to a more sophisticated level.

Each of these cheeses, while distinct from Cheddar, brings its unique character to the table, ensuring that Subway’s menu continues to cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic American, the refined Swiss, or the elegant mozzarella, Subway’s cheese selection promises to add a delightful twist to your favorite sandwich.

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My Final Thoughts

  • Subway discontinued Cheddar Cheese to streamline its menu and supply chain, focusing on operational efficiency and minimizing waste.
  • Cheddar cheese produced the least sales among Subway’s cheese options, leading to its removal to cut costs.
  • While Subway corporate decided to stop offering Cheddar, some franchises might still have it due to menu variations across stores.
  • Subway’s shredded cheese mix in some locations includes Cheddar, and they previously offered a limited edition sandwich with smoked Cheddar.
  • Subway’s main sliced cheese offering is now processed Cheddar, which is different from traditional Cheddar in taste and composition.

So, as you can see, there appears to be a great deal of confusion over the subject of Subway and cheddar cheese.

Firstly, you will hear that Subway Corporate decided to streamline its menu, and this involved discontinuing cheddar cheese.

Cheddar was said to be their worst-selling cheese, and therefore to cut costs, it was removed from the menu.

However, some Subway employees have confirmed that they still stock cheddar cheese slices (although cheddar does still form part of their shredded cheese option).

With that being said, you will be hard-pushed to find a store that still serves cheddar cheese.

Well, I know that I have found it pretty much impossible.

And if you do happen to find it, perhaps you might like to know why American Cheddar cheese is orange!

What’s your next move?

Will you adapt to Subway’s new cheese offerings or seek Cheddar delights elsewhere?

How do you think this change reflects broader trends in the fast-food industry?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Sliced Cheddar

FAQ Section

Q: Why did Subway discontinue Cheddar cheese?
A: Subway discontinued Cheddar cheese primarily to streamline their menu and supply chain. This decision was also influenced by Cheddar’s lower sales compared to other cheeses, making it a less cost-effective option.

Q: Can I still find Cheddar cheese in some Subway stores?
A: It’s possible that some individual Subway franchises may continue to offer Cheddar cheese, as menu variations exist across different locations.

Q: What are Subway’s current cheese options after discontinuing Cheddar?
A: After phasing out traditional Cheddar, Subway’s main cheese offerings include processed Cheddar, Swiss, and Pepper Jack, among others. The exact selection can vary by location.

Q: Did Subway offer any alternatives to traditional Cheddar cheese?
A: Yes, Subway has introduced a shredded cheese mix that includes Cheddar in some locations. Additionally, they have offered limited edition sandwiches featuring smoked Cheddar in the past.

Q: How does the discontinuation of Cheddar cheese impact Subway’s menu and customers?
A: The discontinuation of Cheddar cheese allows Subway to operate more efficiently and reduce waste, though it might disappoint some customers who preferred Cheddar. Subway continues to offer a variety of other cheese options to cater to diverse customer tastes.

Sliced Cheddar

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