Can Hamsters Eat Babybel Cheese? (Answered!)

If you are concerned about your furry friend’s health, you may be wondering, can hamsters eat Babybel cheese?

After all, a hamster is a rodent, and we all know that mice love cheese!

Does it contain any ingredients that are harmful to hamsters?

How much Babybel cheese should you give to your hamster?

Can hamsters digest Babybel cheese?

Can hamsters actually eat cheese anyway?

Let’s see if you can introduce the delights of Babybel to your hamster!

Hamsters can be given Babybel cheese in moderation. It can be considered a healthy snack thanks to its minerals, proteins, and vitamins. However, cheese is high in calories and can lead to weight gain in hamsters. A small piece twice per week would be sufficient as a treat. Hamsters have no problems digesting Babybel cheese, as it will have gone through a fermenting process. Therefore, it will have a lower lactose content, as opposed to other dairy products that hamsters may struggle with. There is a possibility that the hamster will not enjoy the taste of the Babybel cheese anyway.

Is Babybel Cheese Suitable for Hamsters?

If you yourself enjoy Babybel cheese, perhaps you have wondered if it is suitable for hamsters.

After all, most rodents are said to enjoy cheese.

However, you probably know that hamsters have quite delicate digestive systems.

And dairy products can give them an upset stomach.

You will be pleased to know that Babybel cheese is safe for hamsters but should only be given in moderation.

In fact, Babybel is considered to be quite a healthy snack.

It contains lots of nutrients that can keep a hamster healthy, such as vitamins, minerals, and protein.

But, as you can imagine, cheese contains a high level of calories.

Babybel is not as bad as some other cheese, but it could still cause your hamster to gain weight and become obese.

So, maybe just a small piece of Babybel, approximately the size of a raisin, twice per week would be enough to provide its benefits without causing weight gain. 

 When it comes to digesting the Babybel cheese, it will be the lactose in it that could potentially cause a problem.

However, the Babybel will have undergone a fermenting process during its manufacture.

This leads to a lower lactose level making it easier to digest.

How to Feed Your Hamster Babybel Cheese?

The first thing to realize is that your hamster might not even like Babybel cheese!

After all, it’s not something it would come across in the wild. 

Their natural diet would consist of fruits, insects, seeds, and worms, which would be enough for their nutritional needs. 

So, pay careful attention to your hamster’s reaction when first trying Babybel cheese.

Start with a tiny piece and just put it in the cage where you would normally place any food.

Your hamster should instinctively go to check it out.

If he immediately turns his back on the cheese and shows no interest, then that could indicate a dislike of it.

Don’t be tempted to leave it for more than an hour, as cheese can decompose quite rapidly and become harmful.

If you find later that the cheese has gone, don’t assume your hamster has actually eaten it.

They love to bury food in their bedding, so check the cage carefully and remove any uneaten cheese. 

Of course, the opposite could be true, and your hamster develops a craving for Babybel cheese!

Even if you love to make your hamster happy, stick to the guidelines and only offer cheese a maximum of twice per week.

Something else to consider is the age of your hamster.

It’s not recommended to try and feed Babybel cheese to a hamster that is less than three months old.

At that stage, they are considered fully grown, and their digestive system should be developed enough to handle cheese.

Prior to that, it could actually be fatal to feed cheese to a baby hamster.

Another worrying factor to be aware of concerns dwarf hamsters.

They are particularly prone to diabetes, and cheese could be a contributing factor.

Not worth the risk! 

Types of Cheese You Can Feed Your Hamster

Final Thoughts

On the whole, it is safe for hamsters to eat Babybel cheese.

However, as it is high in calories, it should be restricted to twice per week.

The hamster should have no problems digesting Babybel cheese as it has a low lactose content.

Not all hamsters enjoy cheese, and it should not be given to those less than three months old. 

Neither should dwarf hamsters be given cheese as it increases their risk of diabetes.

Please consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns about your hamster’s health.

When feeding your hamster this cheese, I bet it crossed your mind that there must be a reason that Babybel has a wax coating!

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