Are Doritos Thinner Than They Used to Be? (The Truth!)

I thought it was just me who noticed that Doritos look a lot thinner these days.

But actually, it seems to be quite a concern for many people, who have been sadly disappointed by this change in Doritos.

So, I thought I would take a look at the history of Doritos and find out what’s going on!

Have there been any changes to the method of manufacturing Doritos?

Is there a way to actually compare the thickness of Doritos, past and present? 

If Doritos are indeed thinner, why might this have happened?

Do thinner Doritos affect their taste in any way?

Let’s explore the mystery of the shrinking Dorito!

Doritos are said to have undergone some major changes resulting in them being 15% thinner. However, this was in 1994, and there is no indication they have changed since. At that time, the manufacturer also increased their length by 20%. It is not clear whether this was a cost-cutting exercise. However, the change was said to be minimal and may not have been noticed by consumers. The texture would have changed, as the thinner Dorito is not as crunchy. Overall, their flavor and taste remain unchanged. More importantly, the manufacturer reduced the number of chips in each packet in March 2022. 

Have Doritos Really Become Thinner Over Time?

Well, the straight answer to this question is yes, Doritos have undoubtedly become thinner.

However, this is not a recent occurrence, so it is a bit puzzling why it still crops up in conversation!

I see so many people saying how disappointed they are, and that Doritos are not the same any more.

But I can’t find any evidence that any changes have been made since the last major re-development in 1994.

I am not sure how people are able to do a comparison of the current thickness with previous versions.  

Maybe we are imagining it!

Apparently, Frito-Lay spent $50 million on revamping Doritos after extensive research with consumers.

Its certainly a possibility that the end result allowed the product to be manufactured more cheaply.

Cutting the thickness by 15% requires less raw materials and incurs lower production costs.

But even that doesn’t make sense, as when they reduced the thickness by 15%, they also increased the length by 20%.

Other have said that it was a measure to extend the shelf life of Doritos.

But do thinner chips actually last longer than a thicker one?

Quite frankly, the whole subject is still a mystery!

Has the Thinning Affected the Experience of Doritos?

So, even if Doritos are actually thinner, does it really make any difference to us, as the consumer?

One impact would be the crunchiness, and in fact, should they more accurately be called crispy rather than crunchy?

Another aspect, is that many people eat Doritos with a dip or other toppings.

It’s possible that a thinner texture means the chip will break more easily.

They won’t be able to withstand having toppings piled up on them!

And you will be left with more crumbs in the bottom of the bag, if they break up in transit.

However, the taste has not significantly changed, and Doritos still seem to be as popular as ever.

Making Doritos At Home

My Thoughts

  • The thickness of Doritos was reduced in 1994, perhaps due to cost-cutting measures
  • It is not really possible to compare current Doritos with the previous versions
  • The thinning of the chips has been discussed for years but there is no evidence of any recent changes
  • Any change in thickness would result in a thinner texture that would break more easily
  • Regardless of any thinning, Doritos are still a popular snack and the flavor has not changed

So, Doritos did become slightly thinner in the past, but it didn’t impact their overall taste and they continue to be our favorite cheesy snack!

Please share your thoughts on whether you think Doritos are thinner than they used to be!

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5 thoughts on “Are Doritos Thinner Than They Used to Be? (The Truth!)”

  1. The thickness has definitely decreased recently! They’re almost as thin as a standard “crisp” now. Because they’re so thin, they’re all curled, folded and broken in the bag. They do taste different too! They’re not as nice (the Chilli Heatwave ones aren’t anyway). I won’t be buying them again 🙁

  2. I’ve just abandoned a disappointing snack of Doritos cool original with sour cream and salsa. The Doritos are so thin they kept snapping as I dipped them in the salsa. They are no longer thick and crunchy and cost alot more for a bag. I’m sick of this sneaky insidious shrinkflation. So frustrating!

  3. I can definitely say the Doritos are much thinner and several bags seem like less Nacho Cheese dust but more salt. And this has just occurred in 2023. Please fix this

  4. I haven’t had Doritos for a little while at least a couple months and tonight when I busted open the bag I couldn’t wait to taste them but they were so thin. I definitely think they thinned them out again but just aren’t telling us but we’re on to you Frito-Lay I still like Doritos.

  5. Yes I love Doritos and I been eating them for as long as I can remember but I noticed the chips a lot thinner and I’m not feeling it 😑.
    To me it makes them taste different. Please make the chips thicker like they were.


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