Are Cheez-Its Real Cheese? (A Look at the Facts!)

If, like me, you have grown up eating Cheez-Its and always enjoyed their delicious flavor, why would you even doubt if they were made from real cheese?

Although I suspect many people have wondered about this but never investigated it further.

They are undoubtedly a very popular snack, but what exactly are they made of?

Is there any real cheese in Cheez-Its, and if so, what type?

Are there any preservatives or artificial flavors?

Are Cheez-Its suitable for people with dairy allergies?

Are they actually seen as healthy snacks?

Let’s study the ingredients in Cheez-Its!

Cheez-Its are made with 100% real cheese, as confirmed on their website. The list of ingredients states they contain cheese made with skim milk, but the specific variety is not mentioned. However, the name of some of the flavors does indicate that Cheddar is the favored cheese. Other varieties are more clearly labeled, such as Four Cheeses, which contains mozzarella, asiago, romano, and parmesan. There is also a mention of artificial flavor, but whether this relates to the cheese is not clear. Cheez-Its should not be seen as a healthy snack as they contain a lot of fat, with one serving providing 10% of daily requirements.    

Is There Real Cheese in Cheez-Its? 

You might be surprised to learn that Kellogg’s, the company that makes Cheez-Its, has confirmed that they are 100% cheese.

They are relatively transparent about the ingredients in our favorite cheesy snack, and everything is listed on their website.

However, there is also a mysterious artificial flavor mentioned, but whether this relates to cheese is not made clear.

It appears that the majority of the cheese taste comes from Cheddar, perhaps blended with other varieties.

This is how they acquire that unique Cheez-It flavor that can’t be identified as one specific cheese.

A deeper dive into the ingredients reveals that the cheese is made with skim milk, which is quite unusual.

Perhaps an attempt to lower the calories, but Cheez-Its can’t be said to be a healthy snack, as I will explain shortly.  

Other specific cheeses are mentioned on the label when it comes to the different varieties.

For example, the popular Four Cheese option has parmesan, asiago, romano, and mozzarella.

Other ingredients include flour, oils, seasonings, and whey protein, which all blend together to give us that tangy, savory flavor that we love! 

Of course, ingredients may change over time, and each variety of Cheez-Its will have different elements. 

They also contain preservatives that extend the shelf life, but that is only to be expected really when it comes to baked goods.

Another added ingredient is artificial color.

Can Cheez-Its Be Considered a Healthy Snack Option? 

I will be talking about Cheez-Its in general here, as the ingredients and the manufacturing processes should be pretty consistent across different regions.

Although they could have slight variations according to local regulations, and not all varieties are available in every country.

Unfortunately, as delicious as they are, Cheez-Its are not really a healthy choice of snack.

Although they contain real cheese, they also have a lot of other processed ingredients.

One of the major concerns is the fat content.

Just one 7oz serving provides 8g of fat, which is 10% of your daily fat requirements and equates to approximately 150 calories. 

They are also high in sodium at 230mg per serving, which again is 10% of your daily allowance.

On the positive side, they have no sugar and do contain calcium and iron, and vitamins B1 and B2.

Other considerations are perhaps more obvious, such as the fact that Cheez-Its are not suitable for vegans or those with dairy allergies, as they contain real cheese made from cow’s milk.

They are lovely as an occasional treat but should always be eaten in conjunction with a balanced diet.

What You Should Know Before Eating Another Cheez-It

My Thoughts

  • Cheez-Its are actually made from real cheese, plus wheat flour, oil, and other ingredients
  • The majority of the cheese used in Cheez-Its is Cheddar cheese but made with skim milk
  • Cheez-Its are high in sodium and fat, which makes them somewhat unhealthy
  • They also contain artificial flavors, preservatives, and colorings
  • Cheez-Its should be enjoyed as an occasional snack

I hope you are somewhat reassured that Cheez-Its are made from real cheese, and you will continue to enjoy them!

If you are interested in learning about other brands and how they use cheese, why not find out why Subway stopped using Cheddar?

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