What Sauce is Good with Mozzarella Sticks Besides Marinara? (Answered!)

  • Mozzarella sticks are usually served with marinara sauce, but other options make a nice change
  • Consider using Alfredo, BBQ, or buffalo sauce
  • Ready-made sauces such as Thai chili are perfectly acceptable with mozzarella sticks
  • Strong flavors work well, including salty or spicy, as mozzarella is quite mild and bland
  • A hot sauce can make the crunchy coating go soggy 

Which Sauces Go Well with Mozzarella Sticks?

So, you have your crunchy mozzarella sticks heating up nicely to melt that delicious gooey cheese, but aren’t you bored of serving them with marinara sauce all the time?

There must be alternatives that go well with mozzarella sticks!

After experimenting with several options, I am pleased to announce that there are lots of dipping sauces that are a match made in heaven for mozzarella.

To be honest, mozzarella has such a bland flavor that almost anything would perk it up!

Let’s look at some of my favorites, which, hopefully, you will enjoy too.

You might be surprised to find that mozzarella sticks love spicy cuisines, such as Thai or Chinese.

Even just a simple ready-made sweet chili sauce adds a whole new element to your snack!

Thai peanut, soy ginger, and Vietnamese dipping sauces are a great accompaniment to mozzarella sticks.

But we can’t forget some of the all-time classics – ranch, garlic butter, BBQ, Alfredo, and buffalo.

Typically, mozzarella sticks are served with a cold sauce or dip.

They need to be eaten immediately when cooked to retain that gooey center and a crisp exterior.

But you do need to be wary of dipping the sticks in a warm sauce, as it could make the breadcrumbs go soggy, losing that necessary crunch.  

Why is Marinara the Preferred Sauce for Mozzarella? 

So, having given you a few suggestions for alternative sauces, I thought I would have a quick chat about why we typically use marinara anyway.

What makes marinara sauce the best match for mozzarella sticks?

Oh, and it’s also good with breadsticks!

Let’s look at the ingredients first.

Marinara is an Italian tomato-based recipe, also known as red sauce with the addition of garlic and herbs, such as basil and oregano. 

It is said to get its name from the Italian word for sailor and is best made with whole San Marzano tomatoes.

As well as being a dipping sauce, it can also be used with pasta.

It’s very similar to a pizza sauce, only thicker, and that’s where the secret lies.

Mozzarella is typically the cheese of choice when topping a pizza.

So, by dipping your mozzarella sticks in marinara sauce, you are recreating the tried and tested flavor of a pizza!

The sauce should be smooth and cling to the crispy breadcrumbs.

Cheese Mozzarella Sticks with Homemade Marinara Sauce

My Thoughts

Don’t be scared of breaking out of the marinara sauce rut and trying something new!

And if you are in a hurry for your favorite snack, read my article about microwaving mozzarella

What unconventional sauce pairings have you tried with mozzarella sticks that turned out surprisingly well?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. A local place serves a 13” mozzie stick w/ house made salsa verde, and since I tried it I haven’t gone back to marinara.


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