Why Are Mozzarella Sticks So Expensive? (Explained!)

As you are enjoying your tasty snack, have you ever wondered why are mozzarella sticks so expensive?

After all, they’re not really that big, and you can easily get through a whole pack in no time!

Not only are they expensive at the store, but also in bars and restaurants.

Is it just because the mozzarella cheese itself costs a lot?

Maybe it’s to do with the fact that mozzarella usually has to be eaten pretty quickly.

Maybe the cost of preserving the cheese is expensive.

Let’s find out why the price of mozzarella sticks is so high, shall we?

Mozzarella sticks are costly due to the high price of milk required for cheese production. Manufacturers must pay the non-negotiable market rate for milk. While buffalo milk makes the best mozzarella, it’s unlikely to be used in mass-produced sticks. Smaller portions have higher per-unit costs. Mozzarella cannot be stored in bulk and must be consumed quickly, increasing production expenses. These factors contribute to the expensive nature of mozzarella sticks.

Why Do Mozzarella Sticks Cost So Much?

You wouldn’t think that mozzarella sticks would be so expensive.

After all, they are just thin sticks of cheese coated in breadcrumbs.

You might be surprised to learn that there is a lot to consider in the manufacturing process.

Obviously, we know that mozzarella is made from milk.

The price of milk is not negotiable, and manufacturers have to pay the current market value.

The best mozzarella is made from buffalo milk, which costs even more.

It has to be said, though, that mass-produced mozzarella sticks will not be made from buffalo milk.

In fact, they will probably be made from what is known as pizza mozzarella.

This has a lower moisture content than fresh mozzarella and is known more for its melting quality than its taste.

As mozzarella is a fresh, soft cheese, it is not aged in any way and therefore contains no preservatives.

It needs to be eaten relatively quickly and cannot be stored for a long time.

To keep up with demand, it has to be continuously produced rather than relying on older stock.

These production costs also push up the price, as, of course, the labor has to be paid for too.

What Exactly Are Mozarella Sticks?

I am sure you have eaten plenty in your time, but what exactly are mozzarella sticks, and who invented them?

Mozzarella sticks are typically eaten as a snack and are popular not just at home but in bars as well.

In Italian restaurants, they are often to be found on the appetizer menu.  

At their most basic, they are simply thin pieces of mozzarella cheese dipped in breadcrumbs and deep-fried.

Mozzarella is ideal for this snack, as it melts in a very satisfying gooey way, as it does on pizza.

Although the cheese is Italian in origin, mozzarella sticks are actually a US creation. 

They were invented in the 1970s when the popularity of quick deep-fried food first started to rise.

Other than the cheese itself, the breadcrumb coating is important to the taste and the texture.

The most basic mozzarella sticks will have a simple plain breadcrumb mix.

But the higher quality options will have various herbs or spices added to enhance the flavor.

A batter is used occasionally, but doesn’t give the nice crunch that we expect!

You can make them at home, and this will be cheaper than buying them ready-made.

Use pizza mozzarella, which is usually sold as a block and is easy to cut into the sticks.

Dip the sticks into an egg wash, and then coat them in breadcrumbs.

They take only a few minutes to deep fry and should be eaten as soon as possible after cooking.

The most difficult is deciding what type of sauce to serve with them!

Why is Cheese So Expensive?

Final Thoughts 

Mozzarella sticks are expensive as their main ingredient, the cheese, requires milk, which has a non-negotiable price.

The cheese does not keep well and cannot be stored in bulk.

This requires constant production, which increases the cost.

Mozzarella sticks are an American invention, and the cheese was chosen for its ability to melt.

Why not make your own mozzarella sticks and enjoy this delicious snack whenever you want?

You may also be wondering if you can microwave mozzarella sticks.

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