Why Does Mozzarella Cheese Mold Faster? (Explained!)

Moldy Halloween Pumpkin

How many times have you looked in your refrigerator and wondered why does mozzarella cheese mold faster? If you compare it to other cheeses, it certainly seems to go off very quickly. Is it anything to do with how it’s preserved in liquid? What about the pizza mozzarella stored in …

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Why Does Mozzarella Cheese Turn Orange? (Answered!)

Italian potato gnocchi pasta with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese, basil leaves

Have you ever noticed this strange occurrence and wondered why does mozzarella cheese turn orange? Surely it’s not normal? Mozzarella should be a deliciously creamy white color! Does it mean it’s gone off and shouldn’t be eaten? And if the mozzarella does have mold, why isn’t it blue or green? …

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Why is My Mozzarella Cheese Not Melting? (Revealed!)

Bell pepper stuffed with meat with melted cheese mozzarella on top baked in oven in cast iron skillet

It’s really annoying when you were looking forward to your pizza and end up wondering, why is my mozzarella cheese not melting? Surely, that’s the point of mozzarella, it should melt into that gooey stringiness we all love! Are you using the wrong type of mozzarella? Maybe the oven isn’t …

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Can You Drink Mozzarella Water? (You Need to Know This!)

Two balls of Mozzarella with a basil leaf

This may sound like a gross idea, but can you drink mozzarella water? Come on, I bet you have often wondered it yourself! After all, it can’t be harmful; otherwise, mozzarella wouldn’t be stored in it. What does it actually taste like? Can you use it for anything else? Does …

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What is the Liquid in Mozzarella Balls? (Answered!)

Bowl of Bocconcini mozzarella

As you are preparing your pizza or salad, have you ever wondered what is the liquid in mozzarella balls? What purpose does it serve, and does it affect the flavor or texture in any way? What would happen to mozzarella without the liquid? Are you supposed to wash mozzarella before …

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