Wisconsin Dominates World Cheese Awards 2023

Wisconsin Cheese Artisans Shine at World Cheese Awards

Wisconsin has long been renowned for its cheese, and this year’s World Cheese Awards held in Norway further cemented its reputation.

With a commanding presence, Wisconsin cheese artisans captured a remarkable 25% of all awards given out, showcasing their mastery in cheesemaking on a global stage.

Key Highlights:

  1. Marieke Gouda’s Success: Marieke Penterman of Marieke Gouda, hailing from Thorp, Wisconsin, stood out as the most awarded U.S. competitor. Her journey from a 60-cow dairy farm in the Netherlands to earning her Wisconsin Cheesemaking License reflects her dedication and skill in crafting authentic Dutch Gouda cheese​​​​.
  2. Other Notable Wisconsin Winners: Wisconsin’s success wasn’t just limited to Marieke Gouda. Other cheese producers like The Artisan Cheese Exchange, Sartori Company, Schuman Cheese, Carr Valley Cheese Co., Widmer’s Cheese Cellars, and Hoard’s Dairyman Farm Creamery also made significant contributions to Wisconsin’s impressive haul at the awards​​.
  3. Wisconsin’s Cheese Legacy: The state’s rich cheese legacy dates back over 180 years, deeply rooted in the European tradition of farming and cheesemaking. This tradition has evolved, attracting both national and international artisans and resulting in a diverse range of high-quality, award-winning cheeses​​​​.


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