How Many Dairylea Triangles on Slimming World? (Answered!)

  • On Slimming World, Dairylea Light triangles have 1 SYN each, while Original triangles have 1.5 SYNs, with a daily allowance of 15 SYNs
  • As Healthy Extras, which don’t count towards the daily SYN allowance, you can consume four Dairylea Light or three Dairylea Original triangles
  • Dairylea triangles, being dairy, are included as Healthy Extras due to their essential nutrients like calcium
  • The Laughing Cow Extra Light triangles are an alternative, allowing for more consumption within the Slimming World plan due to their low-fat content
  • This information allows those on Slimming World to enjoy cheese snacks like Dairylea triangles while adhering to their diet plan

Slimming World: How Many Dairylea Triangles?

If you are trying to lose weight, you may think that cheese is off the menu.

And for me, that is something I would struggle with; it’s my favorite food, hence this website!

But what about those tasty Dairylea triangles? No harm there, surely?

After all, they are barely one bite, and they’re gone.

But if you are following a specific diet plan, such as Slimming World, you need to stick to their guidelines.

So, how many Dairylea triangles are you allowed per day at Slimming World?

Confusingly, there are two different answers.

And it also depends on which version of Dairylea you are using!

Let’s start with SYNs, as I suspect that is the answer you are looking for.

One Dairylea triangle is worth one SYN.

And as you will know, you can have up to 15 SYNs per day.

So, in effect, 15 Dairylea triangles per day.

But that assumes you are eating the Dairylea Light option, which is lower in fat.

If you prefer the original Dairylea triangles, then each one counts as 1.5 SYNs. 

Is a Dairylea Triangle a Healthy Extra at Slimming World?

Now, having established the SYN value of Dairylea triangles at Slimming World, let’s add a different angle to the answer!

As you will know, you are allowed a certain number of Healthy Extras on the Slimming World plan.

These are food items that contain essential nutrients that our bodies can’t do without.

As Dairylea is a source of calcium, it is included in this category.

You can have four Dairylea Light triangles per day or three original Dairylea.

If you opt for this, then the triangles are not included in your SYN count, leaving you with a full 15.

So, it’s your choice as to whether you could eat up to 15 triangles or if you would be happy with a mere four!

I will let you guess what my choice would be! 

If perhaps you prefer a different brand, then the figures will be different.

For example, Laughing Cow makes an Extra Light triangle, which has very little fat content.

This means that you can eat even more triangles on the Slimming World program! 

Easy Slimming World-Friendly Cheese Sauce

Final Thoughts

Dairylea triangles have a specific SYN value on the Slimming World diet plan.

If they are Dairylea Light, they count as one SYN.

But an original triangle, which has a higher fat content, is equivalent to 1.5 SYNs.  

However, Daitylea triangles are also classed as a Healthy Extra as they are a source of calcium.

When using them this way, you can have four per day if they are Dairylea Light, or three, if you prefer the original triangles. 

So, it appears that I can stick to the Slimming World diet and still enjoy my favorite cheese snack!

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How do you balance indulgence and health goals when incorporating treats like Dairylea triangles into your diet?

Let us know in the comments below!

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